Lean Strategies can:
  • Create or adopt a clear structure and set of goals for your IT and Supply Chain organizations.
  • Distill goals down into patterns and actionable, measurable metrics 
  • Choose the appropriate set of tools for your organization.
  • Appropriately fit your metrics within the context of Lean principals.
Lean IT - An Emerging Business Concept...

While the concept of Lean Manufacturing has been around for some time now, lean implementations within IT are new and they end up a lot like the Leaning Tower of Pisa; built on a foundation that is unsuitable for it's structure.  Most Lean IT implementations are built on a subset of lean concepts surrounding the Seven Deadly Wastes; however, a true system of pull that represents demand (the voice of the customer), facilitates flow and reduces waste -- seldom materializes.  Consequently, a Lean Culture is never created and our new processes are seldom maintained.  Lean IT ends up being a leaning tower that never rights itself.

Lean Strategies has emerged as leader in Lean Technology and Lean Supply Chain with its innovative Pattern-Matching Deployment Methodology.

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